The Mystery Of Ghosts And The Supernatural World Essay

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With information in science, literature, and mythology in the past and present, it is evident that the supernatural world is something to consider as not just a myth but a reality in Nabokov’s The Vane Sisters. Looking in the past we see how the Greeks, Romans, Egyptian’s, Shakespeare all had one basic commonality, and that was their basic view on ghosts and the supernatural world. The thing that connects them all is their view of death and the after life. In every time the view of the supernatural is a little different but each idea trickles down to the one common belief that there is a paranormal/supernatural world.
Where did the idea of ghosts even begin? I know what ghosts are viewed as these days. Through books, movies, television shows, we cannot escape the idea that there is something else out there. If there is so much information about ghosts and the supernatural realm where they reside why do I still feel so clueless into what ghosts really are? I think to believe in the supernatural we need to look at the past to the present. Because even with all the scientific methods we have to disprove things today there is still so many things about the supernatural that leave us with questions unanswered. Proving that the concept of the afterlife still really hasn’t changed from the Egyptians to the 21st century.
Egyptians paved the way for the idea of ghosts and the afterlife based on their writings and paintings on Pharaohs tombs. The Egyptians believed in rebirth after…

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