Who Was Responsible For My Lai Massacre

Peter Le
Professor Herily
Govt 2305
13 August 2016
My Lai Essay The My Lai massacres was one of the most brutal event in history. What is this awful massacres you may ask? Well the My Lai massacres was the mass murder of many unarmed citizens, including beautiful Vietnamese women, elderly women and children. This massacres happen on March 16, 1968. Not only that these victims were murder but were also gang-raped, beaten and tortured. In every Massacres, there always many question such as “why did the soldier kill the villager?” “Who was responsible for this massacres?” and also “Is the anything we can do prevent something like this My Lai massacre to happen again”. So this massacre happened during the Vietnam War and it was conducted by
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The reason why he was the one responsible because he was the one what order someone else men from another company to attack and shoot people from the village. “He was convicted on March 9 1971 for his role in the March 1968 massacre, a war crime that is committed during the Vietnam War. Normally he would have a life sentence but President Nixon order him to be release from prison. Before he was release from prison, he serves a life sentence of hard labor. Every time he was in court, his sentence was always reducing until President Nixon.” William also have to serve 3 and a half years under house arrest because of this whole massacres. “Also when he was in court, it took 80 hours just for the jury to return with the verdict and they found him guilty of murder of the villager of My Lai.” From what I remember, I said that William Calley order someone men to attack the village. I believe that he orders someone name Charlie Company. “He was the 1st Battalion, American Division”. I am still unsure but I am guessing a since William Calley was a Lieutenant, he was able to order them to attack the village. The mission that he was giving was to investigate a nearby village to find the Viet Cong but instead he found only women, men and children. He wanted to make sure that there was no Viet Cong so he orders the attack on the village to make sure that he kill all of the Cong

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