The Mutation Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Essay

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Certain single nucleotide polymorphisms in the human lactase phlorizin-hydrolase gene have been associated with the ability of certain individuals to constantly digest milk products. These mutations in the lactase gene lead to constitutive expression of lactase, which is then used to break disaccharide lactose into glucose and galactose constantly throughout adulthood as lactase persistence. In particular, past research has shown that some individuals of the African and European descent have been found to have single polymorphisms at the C-14010, G13915, G-13907 base pairs and T-13910, G-220,18 base pairs, respectively. Evolutionary biologists have traced the phenotype of lactase persistence in these African and European populations to the strong selective pressure of animal domestication about 8,000 years ago and have concluded that it resulted from non-homologous DNA sequences. The experiment being proposed is to sequence two subject’s DNA whom exemplify this lactase persistence and compare this sequence to the known DNA of individuals whom are lactose intolerant, and from the same heritage, from a database to see if the single nucleotide polymorphisms are located in the same region of the lactase gene for both subjects.
In this experiment, the DNA sequence from the cheek cells of two test individuals, will be isolated, amplified for the specific lactase gene, and finally sequenced by a sequencing center. One of these individuals will be from Asian heritage and the other…

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