The Mustache and Ashes to Ashes Essay

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Review on “The Mustache” and “Ashes to Ashes” Both The Mustache and Ashes to Ashes by Sabina Berman and Harold Pinter, respectively, were great plays however I only thoroughly enjoyed the Mustache because of its humorous nature. The Mustache started out as a very comedic play but transitioned into a serious gender based play. Both actors were acting his/her false sexual orientation when together but deep down each character was homosexual. Ashes to Ashes was just a very confusing play to be however I progressively began to understand the allusions to massive killings, perhaps in the case of Nazi Germany. However, each play consisted of its own values and ulterior meanings, and I was able to understand each play’s message. The …show more content…
As they play continued, I was kind of taken aback when they performed some type of demonic ritual. It consisted of weird movements and short statements. Though it was kind of weird, I noticed how accurate the actors were at movement along the stage and around each other. They performed well as each actor didn’t bump into each other nor didn’t get off their line as they spoke in unison. As the play started transitioning to an end, I was kind of intrigued how the husband and wife, both sexually oriented towards their own gender, still made the decision of sleeping together. Ashes to Ashes was a very well-put play but I wasn’t thoroughly entertained by it as I didn’t initially understand the references to history and how the play was structured. The first thing I noticed I didn’t like it all at were that the actors didn’t really fit the play. For some reason and no offense, but the actor who played Devlin didn’t really fit the role in my eyes. However, his acting was phenomenal. The only thing that bothered me was that the actor playing Devlin put way too much emotion in his gestures which just seemed kind of fake. Though the play started with a weird description of Rebecca having an encounter with another man, I progressively started to think that they were a dysfunctional couple. The interactions they had really represented what a couple would have. The two discussed

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