The Music Scene Sounds People Essay example

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While setting the stage and going through sound check the band members tell the person working in the audio engineering department of the venue what they need adjusted. They have a small instrument called in ears that helps them stay on beat, women are often passed over when they give their opinions on what they can and can’t hear. Jardine explains some moments she had to deal with not being taken seriously. “Before we had our own crew, we 'd use the house monitors and we 're checking all the instruments and the sound guy would ignore me. I 'd have to say "Excuse me, I need the bass up." And he 'd say, "Honey… Honey, we already did the bass." I 'm like, "I know, but I can 't hear it now." I 'm not stupid! We just played a song and now I can 't hear it. That was just awful. It used to happen all the time,” (Sherman.) In the music scene sounds people and security guards constantly look over the opinion of some of the women present, assuming that they have no idea what they’re talking about. Some people argue that there probably are a lot of women that are putting themselves into these situations and that if they don’t want to be treated like this that they need to find a new career or dress differently. This argument is invalid because the way a woman dress has no correlation with her membership to the band. It doesn’t matter if she’s dress head to toe or wearing revealing clothing. Do what you do for the gentleman and ask her for her pass before you excuse her for a…

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