The Murder Of The Criminal Justice System Essay examples

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Everyone today has heard of at least one rape story. And if a citizen has only heard of one story, they must rarely keep up with current events in society. Whether it came from the victim her/himself or on the local news, its no surprise the rate at which this specific crime is occurring. The shocking news is, however, the number one location rape happens today is on college campuses nationwide (Parent, 2010). If so many rapes occur on a weekly or even daily basis, why are the majority of them not being reported? The answer has to do with the criminal justice system. So many perpetrators are held to little or no punishment for the crime they committed. Brock Turner, for example, raped an unconscious female at Stanford University and was sentenced to six years and ended up serving a little under three months! (Grinberg & Shoichet, 2016). Rape today is just being brushed off without realizing the everlasting effects it has on the victim. Not only is there physical damage, but emotionally and mentally something is taken away from them. The perpetrator should be held responsible for that.
Stereotyping the victim When thinking of a rape case what traditionally comes to mind, based off of the common cases we already know and hear, is a female victim and a male perpetrator. That is considered a stereotype. As human beings, we believe each sex has certain traits, behaviors, and characteristics to be portrayed and followed through. That being said, stereotypes play a significant…

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