The Murder Of The Assault Of Two Paramedics Essay

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Last month, my grandmother was travelling by train on the way home after meeting up with a group of friends. That day, though, will be a day that will traumatise her up to this present day. As she was standing up from her seat, a man assaulted her; he shoved her onto the floor, bit her and kicked her. Now, whilst her trembling bruised body will gradually relearn to sit up and her swollen face will learn to eat normal food again, she cannot shake away the memories from that day. Her attacker, on the other hand, will not give a care to this random victim of his intentional harm and eventually it will only become another headline, another alleged assault, another statistic.
This traumatising event could have been prevented. The reality is that the perpetrator of the attack was already on bail for the assault of two paramedics December last year. Had he have any respect for the law, my grandmother will still be perfectly healthy.
This, is the revelation of a larger and broader issue through a tiny crack. Under the disguise of a fair and giving community, justice has not been delivered.
Clearly, I am not alone here.
Domestic violence victims are only one example of victims who feel cheated by our crumbling justice system. Even though there have been growing advocacy for protection of victims, perpetrators of family violence are still getting away with their crimes, and repeatedly conducting acts of violence on their vulnerable partners and children.

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