The Murder Of James Byrd Essay

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Since the time the Europeans brought Africans to America, there has always been a conflict between the two races mainly because whites wanted to be dominant over the blacks. Blacks were not people in the eyes of white but were considered animals. Africans were slaves to the Europeans as Europeans were called their masters. Throughout time the conflict between whites and blacks became no better. When slavery ended, African Americans still faced racism from the whites. African Americans couldn’t take it anymore and wanted equal rights and not more less than a white person. After some time, African Americans got their rights and became equal to whites. Even Whites became understandable toward the blacks and didn’t treat cruelly like their ancestors. There were still whites out there that hated blacks and wanted blacks to know that they’re still are nothing but animals. Murder of James Byrd was huge change for blacks in the judicial system, but it was a huge in pact as today the Black lives matter movement still encourage equal rights the one of the most brutal racial crime happened.
On the night of June 7, 1998, James Byrd Jr., was dragged to his death in Jasper County, Texas. He was chained to the back of a pickup truck, and his body was dragged for three miles; when the dragging ended, Byrd’s head had been ripped off the body. The culprits of this murdered were Lawrence Russell Brewer, John William King, and Shawn Allen Berry. The motive of their crime was because Byrd was…

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