The Movie Version Macbeth And The Original Macbeth Essay

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The movie version Macbeth and the original Macbeth

Macbeth was William Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy and it was also his most popular tragedy. It was usually known as William Shakespeare’s most evilly described and most impressive tragedy. Many people tried to rewrite Macbeth because of its greatness again and again in history. These rewrites present different things to audiences in terms of writers ’or directors ’different understanding of the original Macbeth.
I watched a movie just called Macbeth which was first released in May 2015 and was directed by Justin Kurzel. This movie got a nomination of Golden Palm in Cannes Film Festival which is a great achievement for a movie.
It is the latest released Macbeth movie so that it certainly gives better image quality than those old movies made in 20th century. It impressed me a lot when I was watching, it was a audio-visual feast. There are well edited images and background music with great momentum. And director was extremely good at using slow motion to present the movie. Because of that, personally I think it was a successful rewrite of Shakespeare’s tragedy.
Overall, this version remains faithful to the original text, actors still used many original lines in the book. Old style English made the movie sometimes hard to understand but excellent performance by actors perfectly recovered that. For example, directors gave a lot close-up sequences on Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s great facial expression.
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