The Movie ' Sling Blade ' Essay

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Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade is a brilliant Academy Award winning film that he not only directed himself, but was also the star actor. The movie was released in November of 1996 by Miramax Films, an American company known for independent and foreign films.1 Some other famous cast member includes country star Dwight Yoakam, and J.T. Walsh known from the film A Few Good Men. Sling Blade was an expansion of the short film that Billy had previously created called “Some Folks Call it a Sling Blade” featuring Molly Ringwald. Although Billy believes that the idea for this film originated from the creation of the character he created, Karl Childers. Sling Blade is about the redemption of Karl’s childhood and the social effects child abuse has on humans through adulthood. Karl has a sever learning disability due to years of abuse and being treated like an animal by his parents. After spending most of his life institutionalized, Karl has been deemed harmless to society and is released back to the Arkansas town he grew up in. Sling Blade gives the audience an effective look into questioning our own beliefs, morality, and the difference between good or evil through the eyes of someone who most people don’t understand in today’s society. This film does a fantastic job of demonstrating the long term effects of child abuse and how being raised in such harsh environments can affect people not only mentally, but physically as well. Child abuse is a social issue that is a really…

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