Essay on The Movie ' Shrek '

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Perception: Perception is different for everyone, it 's based upon the viewer 's interpretation of what they are seeing. Using their sensory input and previous knowledge. In the film, Shrek is perceived as ugly, philosophers often wonder what defines someone or something as ugly. In the movie the citizens not only see Shrek’s appearance as ugly, but his mannerisms. He is dirty, rude and careless, the complete opposite of the ordinary villagers. Due to Shrek being seen this way it is understandable that this is how he would act. Throughout the film viewers begin to see the different sides of Shrek that the villagers would never imagine he could possibly have. In the villagers eyes Lord Farquaad is perceived to be the heroic prince. However by the end of the film it is actually Shrek who has inherited what we would consider to be heroic characteristics such as bravery, nobility, and loyalty. “Your reality is as you perceive it to be. So, it is true, that by altering this perception we can alter our reality.” Once Shrek started to believe that he wasn 't just a mean, green ugly ogre, he was able to see if himself differently, therefore changing his reality.

Dualism: Reality consists of two fundamentally different kinds of things – minds and matter. When Fiona was younger an evil witch cast a curse on her, turning her into an ogre every night. She feels ashamed by this and hides herself to the world. In the film Fiona demonstrates actions that stereotypically would…

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