The Movie ' Inferno ' Essay

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Inferno Essay
Famous actor Tom Hanks takes on the important role of Professor Robert Langdon in the film Inferno. This thrilling film captivates you and transports you to the beautiful streets of Venice, Italy where professor Langdon wakes up in a hospital bed and encounters a doctor by the name of Sienna Brooks. After experiencing some heart racing events in the hospital, Dr. Sienna takes professor Langdon to her apartment. Upon running across a small bone cylinder containing a high tech projector they soon find out that there is a mystery unsolved and they need to piece it together before someone else gets a hold of it. We soon figure out that this mystery is decoding what seems to be someone´s alteration of Dante´s Inferno. Professor Langdon and Dr. Sienna face a lot of troubles while being chased by WHO and Harry Sims. Zobrist being the one who altered hell´s circles in Dante´s Inferno also turns out to be Sienna´s lover. Zobrist, before committing suicide, had a plan to spread a virus to eliminate a large amount of the human race, and Sienna being his accomplice uses the particular skills that professor Langdon carried to decode this mystery to spread the virus. After a rough battle between professor Langdon, WHO agent Elizabeth Sinskey, and Sienna and her helpers, agent Elizabeth Sinskey gets a hold of the virus, and is able to save half of humanity.
The novel Inferno by author Dan Brown is the bases of the film Inferno. Author Dan Brown is “son of a mathematics…

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