The Movie Heaven Is For Real Essay

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The movie Heaven is for real is based on a true story of a boy who went to heaven and came back to tell everyone about his experience. The movie was written by Christopher Parker, and produced by Joe Roth T.D Jakes. The movie begins in Lithuania showing a girl painting God, but then it takes place in Nebraska where the Burpo’s family lives. Todd the head of the family is a pastor of the town his family and him live. He installs garage doors as a side business to supplement the church income. He is a volunteer of the fire department, battle cancer and broke his leg in a baseball game. Todd’s wife is Sonja who is a housewife and they have a girl name Cassie and a boy named Colton. In the book, it is stated that religiousness denotes the person’s involvement with a religious tradition and institution and the Burpo’s family is an example of religiousness because they go church, they believe in God and they follow Christian religious tradition.
Later on in the movie, Todd and his wife Sonja decided to take their children to a family vacation to Denver to visit a butterfly and spider sanctuary, but their children got sick on the way home. Cassie got better with each passing day, but Colton’ fever got worst and the boy did not stop throwing out. Todd and Sonja decided to take Colton to the hospital. When they got there, the doctor told them that Colton 's appendix has ruptured and needs emergency surgery and he told them to prepare for the worst. While Colton was getting the…

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