The Movie ' Fuck '

2004 Words 9 Pages
Fuck. He was gone again, and it was getting to be too much, these separations. It had always been like this for them, and being fiercely independent she had always been able to shrug it off and keep busy until his return. However, lately she 'd been growing increasingly needy for him. Frowning, she hugged her arms around herself as she snuggled into their bed and thought about how their relationship had progressed. They had started off as friends, both enjoying joking and teasing each other. True to both of their natures, the teasing turned into innuendo, the innuendo into flirting, and the flirting leading to the first shy kiss. From the moment their lips first brushed she knew she would never be able to get enough of this man. Almost immediately, they become lovers, hot and anxious for each other, explosive. Not even marriage and children could completely define their relationship; they were shifting again, and they both knew it. No longer just spouses and hot lovers, he now commanded and controlled virtually all of her sexuality. This realization made her miss him more. Frustrated with tossing and turning, she crawled naked from their bed to grab the last shirt that he had worn, one of his blue cotton dress shirts. As the soft cotton enveloped her, and she fiddled with the gold ‘love’ necklace that he had given her, she breathed deeply of his scent that still lingered. She scornfully glanced at the empty bed as she went to crawl back in, determined to have a

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