The Movie ' Freaks ' Essay examples

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Horror can be described as an intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust caused by something frightful. This emotion is one that is used by the film industry to their advantage, by shocking and frightening the audience into being entertained. 20th Century Fox’s American Horror Story: Freak Show is the fourth season of the horror genre television show. The show premiered in 2014, and follows a struggling freak show in the 1950s trying to make money by acquiring the most unique freaks in town. The freaks would put on shows for audiences to watch in awe and revulsion at their disfigurements, and in return would receive a home with other freaks that accepted and loved them, away from “normal” society. As the show progresses, the stars of the freak show are portrayed as even more frightening, by becoming thieves, criminals and even murderers (American Horror Story: Freak Show n.d.).
The show displays numerous similarities to the 1932 American pre code horror film “Freaks”, from the plot, to the cast and the portrayal of disabilities. The stars of the freak show include a bearded lady, conjoined twins, microcephalics (or “pinheads”) and a dwarfed person, all of which appeared in the earlier film. Brownings “Freaks” was one of the first films to incorporate disability into the horror genre, by associating the physically different with monstrosity (Smith 2011). The film caused such an uproar, disgusting and freaking people out so much that it was pulled from US circulation and was…

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