The Movie ' Father Comes Home From The Wars ' Essay

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This semester, I have seen numerous of productions that were enjoyable and at the same time, shared a common theme towards the end of the play which was there ticket towards freedom. The two productions I thought resemble this includes Father Comes Home from the Wars and the Royale. These two productions had a common connection of racism moments when they were trying to reach freedom. The main character in each of the productions had a difficult time stepping out of their comfort zones due to the lack of confidence they had and both of the theaters had the proper lights and props to represent the characters.. Father Comes Home from the Wars is a play written by Suzen- Lori Parks that was performed at the Royal Court Theatre. It is a about a man name Hero who was a slave during the American civil war. His goal was to achieve freedom which was not to be a slave. In the beginning of the production, he was given an opportunity to go with his master to war or stay behind and he decided to go on with his master. Many people in his town wanted him to stay behind, but the old man who Hero looked up to him as a father figure wanted him to go and so he did. By making the decision to go with the master, he experienced stepping out of his comfort zone and achieving the freedom that he wanted. The lighting in the Royal Court Theatre was used to depict suspense. At the beginning when Hero was deciding to go to war or stay home, the lights became brighter and brighter. This resembled…

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