Essay about The Movie ' Cry Freedom ' By Richard Attenborough

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Injustice occurs all around the world, everyday. But as we blindly sound out our minds, what we do not see in the process is that change is achieved only when countless people seek it and understand that self-respect is essential when responding to injustice. A fitting example of this would be the film, Cry Freedom, directed by Richard Attenborough that portrays how individuals respond to injustice in separate ways. Self-respect is believing that one self is behaving with honour and dignity. For instance, Stephen Biko, who is a black South African anti-apartheid activist, is targeted with injustice. In response to injustice, he chooses to confront, teach and be martyred based on his self-respect. In order to achieve personal freedom from the restraints that bound him to his position he is set in as commitment to stick up for his beliefs. Attenborough develops the idea that self-respect is essential when an individual responds to injustice, because it builds courage within a person, resulting in hope for a better future.

Self-respect is essential when Steve Biko responds to injustice because it builds courage to confront injustice resulting in hope for a better future. Steve Biko has self-respect because he behaves with honour and dignity. Self-respect builds courage within Steve Biko because it allows him to understand that he has just as much dignity as any other South African. The reason he believes that he has as much dignity as any other South African because "[he 's]…

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