The Movie ' Being There ' Essay

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The film titled ‘Being there” is a movie of deeper meaning and has philosophical elements. The main characters name is Chance, and by making the main characters name chance, the movie already plays on the concept of chance. Chance is an anti-reason and therefore is it the opposite to the tradition of Western philosophy from Plato onwards. Existentialism is philosophical theory that emphasizes the existence of a person as a free and liable person who determines their own life through their acts of the will. Chance’s only source of outside knowledge and the world is his television set. Chance is a simple man and has simple answers to things. His simple answers are often mistaken by people who thinks his answers have deeper meaning. People take these simple answers and create their own meaning. This mirrors people’s lives because they simply invent and create meaning for things in life like they do with chances simple answers.
Within this film there are many aspects of life and living that are covered and questions for the audience to think about. In the film, Chance was a garden and later in the film makes many allegorical statements about weather and gardens which are mistaken by people for answers to politics and business. Many characters in the movie have countless conversations with chance and always mistake his simple minded knowledge of gardens and weather for inspiration and deeper meaning. Chance also had a personal relationship he doesn’t know about as he isn’t…

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