The Movement For Women 's Equality Essay

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Feminism, it is known as the movement for women 's equality and in extreme cases it shows evidence of supporting the theory that women should be in control of the population. In the past it was used to pull women out of poverty, into the workforce, and out of male-dominant marriages and dependencies. There have been many cases over the years discussing the vast amount of differences between the genders, what each one is progressively better or worse at, and what their generic, universal roles should be at work, home, and in relationships. Assessing these differences is essential in solving the social issue of the long-term distrust between men and women, Men and women hold large contrast within them not only in terms of their biology, but their psychological frame as well; and these differences can easily be used in explaining and exploiting reasons for gender hostilities. A person 's biology, whether they’re male or female, is never in their own control to decide or change, but it is a factor that dictates their entire life. Biology is seen as the development of the body and the brain:it is the reason you appear the way you do and may think in different forms than other people. These differences are seen in basic looks, but on a deeper level can help understand why there are unequal tendencies in social contracts between males and females. Steven T. Yen in Gender Differences, Physical Activity And Body Weight will support this idea by analyzing that “Although gender split…

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