The Motel Short Story

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It was a stormy day and the blank family decides to go on a vacation because they are sick of the nasty weather. The Blank parents decide on a destination to go on so they call down there kids liam and michael they are twins but do not get along at all. There parent finally announce they are going on vacation to pluto to see the moon rise. the next day they head to nasa to take off to pluto. The Blank family loads up the rocket with there stuff and they headed for pluto. Liam starts to pick on michael about how he is going to see the moon first and how he gets to see it first then michael says “no your not I am” and they fight about that until there parents turn around and say that's enough and then they finally get to pluto.
As they finally get to the motel they see the sign of the motel And it says “Saint Motel” and michael says “wow that's not scary at all”. After a long day of rocketing they hit the hay and go to sleep.
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When they get back they are packing some stuff to go watch the moon rise. They pick a great spot and watched the moon rise and it was awesome said michael. When liam was home alone he decided to look up the Dark moon of pluto and he found out that the people who watch the moonrise get a curse on them but liam decides

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