Memorable Things In The Great Gatsby

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The most memorable thing that Gatsby says is “Well, there I was, way off my ambitions, getting deeper in love every minute…” That was one of the most memorable quotes from the book because it not only shows how Gatsby felt about Daisy but it also summarizes his entire life. In addition, this quotes shows how he was able to forget all his ambitions just for that one girl, Daisy. Him being in love did not just turn out to be better for him, but also for his future. Daisy was the one who preferred men that were rich so to become the Daisy’s dream man, he had to work hard. Him being in love might have been one of the reasons Gatsby was able to have so much money, and was able to afford to throw stately parties each weekend just for his long lost love, Daisy. Another quote …show more content…
Gatsby did not get along with anyone, and as I mentioned earlier he was on bad terms with Tom. Everyone in the city really did not speak to him, unless they had some work with him, like Mr. Wolfsheim. He was only there during the time that he had business with Gatsby but did not have any time to come to his funeral for at least two minutes. Gatsby did have a strong connection with Nick which was the reason he was so impacted by Gatsby’s death. In the beginning of the book the two do not get along a lot, but after Gatsby starts to have an affair with Daisy, they see more of one another as more than once Nick was Daisy’s alibi. Also, Nick started to understand Gatsby the way no one else could. He gave Gatsby advice on both life and love. Some of those examples include when Nick warned Gatsby about Daisy leaving him and even her having a daughter. Gatsby chose to ignore all the facts that were there in front of him, but he chose not see them which is also why Gatsby does not have any other friends, except

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