Essay about The Most Influential Music Of Music

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Introduction There is much to learn when one takes a music class. This is not always apparent when the course is started or before an individual enters the class. Once a student starts the class there is a completely new world opened to the individual that was once before unknown. A student will learn about the many composers and discuss the most influential to music history. There are different musical time periods full of numerous types of music. There will be different things that influence and change the way each individual hears music. Taking a music class opens up a new world that may not have been known, had the class not been selected.
Most Influential Composer
Ludwig van Beethoven was the most influential composer in music history. He was born to a family of musicians, in 1970 in Bonn, Germany. By twelve years old, Beethoven had several piano compositions published. At the age of sixteen he played for the composer Mozart and at twenty-one he studied with Haydn. When Beethoven was just twenty-nine years old he started to see symptoms of becoming deaf. Even then, he still went on to become a great composer. Kamien says (2010), “For many people Beethoven represents the highest level of musical genius. He opened new realms of musical expression and profoundly influenced composers throughout the nineteenth century” (p. 188). Beethoven forever changed music by changing how composers would configure their masterpieces. They no longer would just add to the…

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