The Most Important Person Of All Was A Man Named King Darius Essay

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The day has finally come! The war is officially over. After 43 years of hard work and dedication, we have defeated the Persians. For some of you that don’t know what has been going on, let me paint a picture of what has happened during this time.

In 490 BC the Persian war started. After the Ionians won the Ionian War against the Persians (with lots of help from the Greeks) in 499 BC, the Persians and their King Darius wanted to conquer Greece more than anything. The Persians also wanted to expand their area as well. This war happened in many different places. Greece, Egypt, Thrace, Cyprus, Aegean Islands, Anatolia, and more. There were many different people that helped Persia with this war. The most important person of all was a man named King Darius. He was the king of Persia, and he

made the first move on attacking Greece. Another critical person on in 480 BC. This battle was called The Battle of Thermopylae. Overwhelming force is what the
Persians were determined to use.
Xerxes brought together several hundred thousand people to create an outstanding army, and a navy of over six hundred ships. King Xerxes demanded that some of the Greek city-states give into him without resistance. Many of them did. However, the Athenians and
Spartans insulted the Persians and

swore resistance to the finish. Fortunately for Greece, the Athenian politician Themistocles was well prepared. He had convinced the Greeks to begin a navy-building project ahead of time, and had foreseen…

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