The Most Ideal System Of Government Essay

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“Anyone who is going to make a proper inquiry about the best form of constitution must first determine what mode of life is most to be desired” (Pol, Bk 7, Ch 1,1323a, 14). In order to determine the most ideal system of government, Aristotle suggests that one must first delineate what is the most desirable life; whether that would be living as a citizen under a kingship, a philosopher under a tyranny, or a ruler under a constitutional government. According to Aristotle, a kingship is a monarchic rule, where one exceptional individual governs in the best interest of all. However, it is noted that a kingship is difficult to achieve, as individuals are vulnerable to corruption. Furthermore, tyranny is the result of a deteriorated kingship, and is often ruled by an individual that seeks to serve in his or her own interests. Hence, Aristotle discerns tyranny as the most objectionable form of governance (Pol, Bk 3, Ch 7). Finally, Aristotle describes a politeia or a constitutional government as one that dictates the city according to the common (Pol, Bk 3, Ch 7, 1279a, 25). A constitutional government is described as an amalgamation of both oligarchy and democracy, hence combining the rule of a few and the rule of all. (Pol, Bk 4, Ch 8, 1293b, 33). Due to the representation of the city as a whole through a politeia, the flaws of kingship and tyrannical governance, and the stasis upheld by a politeia; being a ruler under a constitutional government or politeia is preferable to…

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