The Most Famous Military Of The World War II Essay

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“I deeply regret that it becomes my duty as President and Commander in Chief of the United States military forces to replace you as Supreme Commander…” President Harry S. Truman wrote to General Douglas MacArthur. The following day, on April 11th, 1951, he shocked the American public when released the statement of MacArthur’s dismissal from his position. MacArthur was one of the most famous military men of the 20th century, and one of the most controversial. Considered by many to be a war hero from his prominent role in the Pacific during World War II, MacArthur was highly respected by many people in the United States and in other countries. It was said that this dismissal would greatly weaken the Truman Administration if the President went through with it. Why would such an admired general need to be recalled and replaced? MacArthur was an old man, and like many other World War II generals, egotistic and arrogant. The Korean War was drastically different from the previous World Wars, one that many historians argued that the United States was not prepared to fight. The tactics and strategies used in previous wars could not be utilized the same way in the Far East. The Truman-MacArthur conflict served to reveal important messages about the foreign policies of the United States and the mentality of the American public. The war in Korea began with uncertainty for the American military. According to numerous commanders in the field, “no one was in physical shape.” Many of…

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