The Most Dark Painting That Show Pain And Chaos On Innocent Civilians

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The famous very dark painting that shows pain and chaos on innocent civilians. Picasso was working on a mural for the Paris Exhibition that was to be held in the summer of 1937.This lead to the Spanish Civil war lasted from 1936-1939 which was seen as an anti-war. Picasso discontinued his idea of that mural on May 1st, 1937 so that he could be working on the painting Guernica. He did this because of the bombing that happen in his country. Throughout the painting created a atmosphere of the unknown to say they could be alive or dead hopeing for certainty. There was a lot of detail information about the painting. Guernica showed pain, death, fear, loneliness and darkness. Picasso uses black, white, and grey paint to set a somber mood and express pain and chaos. Guernica shows the anguish of its pain on innocent civilian 's. This would give a good reason why the painting Guernica was created to symbolize the bombing of the city Guernica in Spain. The painting shows strong meaning, so anyone can understand it has bold oil, canvas that tells a story of how Guernica was shared to the mind of Picasso that flowed from his mind to his hands to make a very famous painting that showed questions that had to be answered. As in why did he use some of his patterns that he shows which is detailed with showing people. This painting shows a big questions mark to figure out what it is truly saying a mysterious way to figure out the hidden secret 's in Guernica.

The story behind the…

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