Essay The Moral And Intellectual Beings

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This treatment of attributes should extend to the various factors in which good qualities may manifest. To considerate merely in intent or consequence, or virtue, or the like would be insufficient. If consequences were merely considered it would be inclined to undermine preexisting qualities of goodness in condition and could be inclined to justify inhumanity. If mere intent were considered, then there would be no insurance of good qualities beyond the individual. If virtues were merely it taken into account, it leave ethical worth in a disunited state, as it has not put virtues to use for a broader good. While each of these factors has an importance, they are not solely important, and the multitude of relevant factors should be considered in judgement based in a system of attributes.
The matter of human people in ethics produces additional factors in ethics. Since people a complex qualitative aspect to themselves, the consideration of attributes extends to the conditions of people. People are moral and intellectual beings. Kant points out that people are capable of appreciating laws, and Aristotle points out that people have the capacity to act as craftsman for things which bring excellence. The human person is a capable being for moral and intellectual agency; in the sense of having the capacity to discern ethical matters, make ethical choices, and consciously act so as to effect the qualitative condition. In addition to regular value, in being capable of moral and…

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