The Modern University And The Islamic World Essay

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There are many arguments for the question: “Does the modern university have its roots in the Islamic world?” The general argument supporting the modern university does indeed have its roots in the Islamic world is that Islam had the first ever university, the Muslim golden age brought a rise in education in the Islamic world, and Muslim religion influenced education. On the contrary, the argument refuting the fact that the modern university has its roots in the Islamic world is that the modern university comes from Europe and not Islam at all. Many people who argue yes say that the Muslims had their golden age from 750-1150 in which the Muslims developed the modern experimental model and the university system. They did this all while assimilating the best of the classical civilization cultures. For example they translated everything that the Greeks and the Romans and the Persians had and revived what would be today 's modern western civilization. They passed all of their work on to the west including the university system before they declined (Nakosteen). Many people who argue no say that the first universities were in medieval Europe and were a product of European Christianity. They argue that the university stemmed from groups of teachers that had the power to issue things like degrees, then it eventually evolved into the modern university. They say that the idea was not taken from the Muslims and was an original and new idea with no influence from Islam. So to these…

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