Essay on The Modern Day Management Practices

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In the early twentieth century, Frederick Taylor started the era of modern management with his theory called the scientific management. He advocated a change to a new system of management and it was a primary development in traditional approach which led to the modern day management practices. Throughout the years, Taylor`s theory has been severely criticised and its role decreased to an extent that nowadays people might argue whether it still exists or not. In this essay, I will try to discover whether the scientific management is still viable in the modern day management or not. Also, I will discuss the future challenges for managers and alternative ways to understand the management thought.
In ancient epochs, people have been building and dismantling organisations through the centuries. We can track the people working together in organisations in ancient armies or building the Great Pyramids in Egypt and South America. Two instructive examples are the writings of Sun Tzu and Niccolo Machiavelli. Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War 25 centuries ago, he wrote all the lessons a manager needs to know about managing the team or in his perspective, the troops of his army. As Swain (2002) noted, in the early sixteenth century, Machiavelli wrote the abilities that a good leader must have and explained how to rule. According to Wren (1994), James Montgomery wrote probably one of the first management text books despite its theoretical composition in 1836. Rodriques (2001) discussed that…

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