Essay about The Model Unit Lesson Plan

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The Model Unit Lesson Plan is designed for a 11th-12th grade Sociology class. There are twenty students in the third period class which takes place from 10:20AM-11:15AM. Due to Sociology being an academic elective, there are students from a variety of academic levels and learning styles. Student test scores do vary, however, the class average is at 86%. Most students score around 80-95% on the exams, with very few scoring below a 60% on an exam for the course. The Sociology class also is a semester-long course. The classroom is set up is traditional; desks are put into rows and the desk in the front of the classroom. For the Model Unit, it is the third unit out of six that the students are taught. Before this unit, students are taught concepts such as sociology being the study of society and socialization. This unit’s focus is over the concept of deviance and how deviance is a social construct. Encompassing deviance, are the concepts of social control, conformity, and obedience and their role in the operation and functioning of society. After this unit, the units focus on social stratification, social institutions, collective behaviors, and globalization. Deviance fits into this course as it looks into how deviant behaviors are social constructs thus society is determining whether or not certain behaviors fit within what a society considers to be appropriate for that society’s norms and values.
Students are being taught this unit because individuals conform to society’s…

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