The Mississippi River Essay

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Along the bank of the Mississippi River lived a community of white alligators. These alligators were kind and managed to stabilize peaceful relationships the other animals that shared the land and water with them. The alligators also worked extremely hard to keep their home as clean as could be. Everyday they woke before daybreak to scrub the bottom of the river with their scales and collect anything physical that endangered their habitat. This kept the water clear and free of any pollutants. When the alligators found any waste, they would hold it in their snouts and spit it out onto the land. This did not please the land animals that lived near the river because they to kept their homes in top condition. The alligators did not mean to displease anyone, but they had no idea where else to put the waste they collected. The leader of the alligators, Chief, decided to commence a meeting with the animals that lived in that area along the Mississippi River. Chief called this meaning so that they may devise a plan to keep both areas pristine and dispose of the waste properly. After several hours of discussion The animals could not agree on a plausible solution. Chief adjourned the meeting and decided they would continue having meetings everyday until they reached a solution. One day a clever hare, named Pricilla, woke right before midnight with a brilliant idea to solve the waste problem with the alligators. Filled with excitement, Pricilla could not sleep the…

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