Essay about The Minister 's Black Veil

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Why do people fear what they do not know or understand? When people buy into the idea or illusion that the world is only black and white, gray is often misunderstood and not accepted. Small changes or differences are not always welcomed among the hearts and minds of the people who view the world as either black or white. This is clearly the case in “The Minister’s Black Veil”, the wearing of the veil is misunderstood and not accepted amongst the people. I chose “The Minister’s Black Veil” because of the sheer mystery the black veil provides. I believe the story is relevant because in this life there are many people who wear an “invisible” black veil and think that their sin is hidden because of it; everybody has some kind of issue or skeletons in their closet that they would not like to have exposed for the world to see. I think its studied because of the moral of the story, which is secret sin, and it shines a light on sin and how people have the tendency to focus so much on others and what they are doing or not doing and neglect their own issues. In Nathaniel Hawthorn’s short story “The Minister’s Black Veil” the “symbolic” black veil could have many different meanings; the veil could mean hiding oneself from the world, seeing the world through darkness, hiding one’s face from the shame of committing sin and running from the reality of not being perfect. The black veil is a symbol of many different road blocks and facades people use to hide who they really are and the…

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