The Minimum Wage Should Be Increased Essay

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Currently, there is a debate that the federal minimum wage should be increased to a livable wage. A livable wage is an amount of money paid to an individual in order to cover basic needs, the livable wage proposal is $15.00 dollars an hour. The Republican Party believes a federal 15-dollar minimum wage will be detrimental to the economy. On the other hand, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, on the Democratic side, says a 15-dollar minimum wage is just the realization of the minimum wage in current dollars. Another person in the race on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, has changed her position and now agrees it’s a good idea. In order to understand what is going on right now, we must look into our past. After the great depression, the United States had an unemployment rate of about 25%. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, he started thinking about laws that would give a platform to a minimum wage. Roosevelt wanted to increase the buying power of the working people and farmers. During this time companies were “sweating” their employees. According to an article by Mary Ayres, “One of the earliest definitions of ‘sweating’ was: ‘The payment by an employer to his work people of a wage which is insufficient to purchase for them the necessaries of life. These include food, housing, clothing, and the like, needed to maintain life on a sustained basis. (1)” In this definition, Areys explains what the companies were doing to their workers during the…

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