The Minimum Wage Hike That Does Maximum Harm Essays

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Williams, Armstrong. "WILLIAMS: A Minimum-wage Hike That Does Maximum Harm." Washington Times. The Washington Times, 20 July 2014. Web. 25 June 2015.
Williams takes findings from the Congressional Budget Office that shows evidence that an increase in the minimum wage does more damage than good to the low-income individuals it is attempting to help. President Obama’s suggestion of raising the minimum wage would lift 900,000 Americans out of poverty, but 500,000 would lose their jobs. Raising the minimum wage would increase income by 30% but the tax increase estimate would be 50%. Williams uses an example for a different way from Arthur C. Brooks- “That growing the Earned Income Tax Credit would supply low-income Americans with the money they need to stock for themselves.”
This article was written by Armstrong Williams executive editor of American CurrentSee Online Magazine. This was published online on behalf of the Washington Times newspaper. The audience is the general public and anyone concerned about the possible minimum wage hike. The purpose was to inform that there is already information that shows that increase would cost jobs and gives you an example of a different approach for the problem.
I will use this source to show that increasing the minimum wage will help people out of poverty but cost 400,000 jobs. People will speed up investments in technology instead of hiring low-skilled workers.

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