The Minimum Drinking Age Act Essay

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College life comes with norms and traditions that have existed for generations. Even in the 1920s, colleges still had gender segregation, Greek life allowed men and women to come together for drinking activities in private off-campus houses. When “Animal House” and “Saturday Night Live” was released in 1978, most states still had a legal drinking age that was under the age of 21. Parties began to evolve and imitate the ones shown on the screen. In 1984, when the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed, the underaged drinking rates increased. Partying was still prevalent on college campuses. Colleges started to have coed dorms, which made it easier for men and women to meet, giving them the ideas to have parties in a single floor/room. (Kingkade, 2013) The Minor in Consumption (MIC) and Minor in Possession (MIP) tickets only made drinking more dangerous for students everywhere. MICs and MIPs are a problem because it forces underaged drinking to become secretive and reckless, and in my opinion can only be fixed by creating alternative means of transportation for underaged intoxicated minors and less penalties if the individual is being responsible and safe. This issue is a problem for providers and minors participating in drinking. The penalty for a minor is a criminal offense, and if they are convicted then they face jail time, fines, and supervised counseling. The penalty of violating the law for a provider consists of fines, jail time, license revocations. (Portman,…

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