The Mind And The Body Essay

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Descartes is one of the philosophers who suggests that the mind and the body are two different things. In his argument, he claims that we know that we exist due to thinking which takes place in the mind. In this case, Descartes argues that there is a possibility after death, one is in a position to survive their mind. Lund, who is one of Descartes supporters, also argues that there is a significant possibility that people can survive by having their minds run even after their physical bodies fail (Lund, 5). This signifies that there is a possibility mediums can access information about deceased people even though not directly from the individual who lost their lives but rather from their surviving consciousness.
Theresa Capputto is one of the celebrity mediums who claim that they can communicate with the deceased. Due to her claims, she has even starred in her television series in which she conducts readings to her guests. However, some critics have questioned her ability. This has led even to more speculations on whether or not mediums can communicate with the dead. One phenomenon in her show that has led people to believe that indeed mediums retrieve information from somewhere, is the experience during her road show in which she undertakes readings to strangers.
There have been some approaches that have been used in order to showcase the relationship between the mind and the body. Dualists are a group of people who believe that the mind and the body are entirely two…

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