The Mind About The Simplicities Of Life Essay

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The thing about the simplicities of life is that they are just that- simple. Often, they are overlooked and unappreciated. However, upon contemplation of this fact, one may question that if an aspect of human life is so engrained in the essence of humanity, what would the world be like if that accepted necessity never existed? For many of these commonplace privileges, the answer would entail drastic cultural change, and a society of beings that looks quite different from the modern concept of life on Earth. One of these instances emerges when one ponders the world, had the eyes of humanity not been equipped with the specialized rods and cones that allow all to perceive the astounding array of colors that exist in it. A colorless world would look- literally and figuratively- immensely different than it currently does. In the total absence of color, human concepts of lifestyle, art, and even race would be forever altered, and the modern conception of humanity would have developed very differently.
Almost everything one owns, buys, or values is judged and prided off of the way it looks, which means that its color plays a significant part, and, in turn, without that extra distinction between things, the accepted system of commerce and markets would be very different. For instance, a person buying a car is one decision highly influenced by his or her attraction to the color of the vehicle. There are also entire businesses based off of the decoration of such vehicles. Without a…

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