The Middle School Students From The Western States Essay

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Whiteness, the term expressed as acting or behaving as white or pale-skinned people. Well, what do we mean by the term “Whiteness?” When we hear the term whiteness or white we automatically think of white people and their behaviors. We think of educated, powerful, proper, and other terms with positive descriptions. Now a days, the term white is used to accuse someone of behaving like white people. Being accused of acting white is seen as wrong because people of other ethnics take it as trying to abandon your culture and becoming something their culture is not. In some parts of the world and according to the time frame acting white is wrong while in others it seems to be the trend. The term “white” to me is more of a stereotype and a term used to portray behaviors that are not of ones customs To begin with, in the research concluded we see how African -American high-school students from the western states in America see the word “white” as being wrong. The students see this term as being atrocious because it is not part of their cultures norm. They are accustomed to behave and act the way their culture has taught them to otherwise they are disrespecting their culture. But how does one act white? Well, simply by how one acts, speaks, and dresses. The African-American students in those high-schools didn 't approve other students of their ethnicity to hang around white kids because they thought “whiteness”, would rub off on them. If they seen others of their ethnicity achieve…

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