The Middle Ages : The Dark Ages Essay

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The Middle Ages, referred to as the “Dark Ages,” was an undoubtably an eye opening and brooding time period in Western history. Its issue today is figuring out what aspect was the most compelling and what really is behind some of the social and political traditions today. Events ranging from the Reformation, to the Bubonic Plague, and to the growing amount of intellectuals and nation changing ideas. Many events however need to be put into context as to find out how this period really affected us in the centuries after such an time and earning a reputation for its name. Our first example, the devastating and dark, Black Plague.

During the late twelfth and thirteenth century the plague had made numerous manifestations in the European civilizations. Its most popular theory as to how such a disease was spread by the Mongolians having taken infected bodies from, according to McKay, “Tatar army under Khan Djani-Beg that was besieging the city of Caffa in the Crimea, southern Russia.”(McKay Chapter 12, 3). Other ideas suggest breakouts of the sickness in regions of China and Central Asia, and was said to have crossed over from caravan and merchant trails. Ships however for a fact reportedly had brought over the disease to Europe during the 1340’s and 1350’s. This plague unlike any other, infected the human body with the most prominent “Buba” or boil which indicated the bacterium had traveled all throughout the human’s bloodstream. Accompanied by the deadly disease was a lack of…

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