Similarities Between The Plague And Black Death

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The Plague and The Plague: Are There Similarities In Between?
Is the historical Black Death similar, in any way, to Albert Camus’s The Plague? Like the hurricane that brings fear and panic along with its powerful winds that sweep out everything with it, the same happened both in the real life and the fictional life. And despite obvious differences between history and Camus’ fictional representation, the novel The Plague manages to accurately depict society’s reaction to the devastation of The Plague, similar to the effects of The Black Death. Both Albert Camus’s The Plague and the Black Death, from the 14th century, were similar by the approach, by the genesis, and by the way, how the churches have manipulated this opportunity of the epidemic
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Talking about the history of the Black Death and the numbers of infected people, the CDC has published that there has been an estimated overall of 50 million people dead from the cause of the Plague from the first sign of any epidemic until 2009. On the face of it, the cause of this entire tragedy has been heavily argued within most historians. Only recently have historians dug deep enough to figure out the true cause of the Black Death, which has been caused by the Mongols, dating back to as early as the beginning of the 13th century! Once he became the official leader of the Mongols from 1206, Genghis Khan has been known for opening all the trading centers all around Europe. By opening up trade, they also opened up vectors for disease to travel, in this case, via fleas infected with a virus called Yersinia Pestis. According to one story about the Mongols and the Plague, the Mongols have intentionally spread the plague by catapulting their plague-ridden cadavers over the walls of Caffa in the Crimea (Caffa is located near the Black Sea and is currently known as Feodosiya, Ukraine). Although some believe that this is how the Mongols have spread the plague and that they are behind the ground cause of the Plague in Europe, others have researched deep enough and said that it was the fleas on the rats in the holds of Black Sea ships that were trading in Europe. Either way, the Mongols are the ones to blame, because that trade system has happened to Europe mainly because of the Mongols who have opened that trading

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