The Middle Ages By Barbara Rosenwein Essay

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The Middle Ages also known as the ‘Dark Ages’ have been given quite a negative persona over time. It is of popular belief to assume that this period was filled with barbaric behaviours and little change. If fact the Middle Ages contains it’s own ups and downs. In the analysis of these changing aspects that are present in the High and Late Medieval life passes from A Short History of The Middle Ages by Barbara Rosenwein will be utilized, concentrating on the passages regarding towns and cities, the crusades, norman conquest, education, courtly culture and trade from the period of the High Middle Ages and the events of the Black Death, Hundred Years’ war and social upset as it relates to the Late Middle Ages. The High Middle Ages was a time of growth and development in many aspects of life including education, the culture surrounding the court 's, and trade. In comparison the Late Middle Ages was a time of crisis and chaos with the Hundred Years’ War, Black Death and social injustices.
In contrast to the High Middle Ages the Late Middle Ages was a time of chaos and crisis. In supporting this there was the Black Death with an initial outbreak in 1346 in China this disease soon reached pandemic level spreading all across Europe (Rosenwein, 2014). This infectious and deadly disease was characterized by tumorous growths on the proximal limbs with simultaneous bleeding (Rosenwein, 2014). As a result Europe’s population was devastated with cities like Normandy losing 70 to 80…

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