The Method For Finding Truth Essay

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The cohearentist method for finding truth, while effective at ultimately fostering positive change in society, is conversely useless in advancing real development in moral law. Additionally, coherentism often poses a detriment to those affected through the process, that could otherwise be avoided with introspective thought and techniques posed by Young, that avoid the process altogether; in essence producing a good result that was not necessarily the product of a good process for people that could have believed in good without the use of coherentism altogether. This is particularly true on a macro scale when examining laws brought about as a result of a lack of legal precedent or inconsistency in social laws where the first iteration of legal regulation in a specific area is a product of cohearentist thought. Notable examples of laws produced by cohearentist thought through Socratic Dialogue in search of legal standards are often an attempt to resolve a social inconsistency which is a product of uncertainty in the moral laws of an individual. This is demonstrated in recent examples such as the Defense of Marriage Act, and North Carolina’s HB12 where this cohearentist Socratic Dialogue took place amongst the populous and the legislators who thereby resolved an inconstancy in a wrong one of the two ways to resolve an inconsistency (see footnote on good ways to resolve an inconsistency). In addition to these types of unjust laws being legislated to resolve an inconsistency,…

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