The Role Of Guilty In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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The Metamorphosis - Who is guilty for Gregor’s death?

Is it his mother, father, sister of even Gregor himself? At the end of the short story, The Metamorphosis, Gregor, who has become a bug, dies. There are various factors affecting this event. Gregor has at first place turned into a bug because of the way he has been treated by others. Yet Gregor may as well be guilty for his own death for acting the way he did throughout the story. Gregor’s mother seems to care for his son, but after Gregor’s metamorphosis, Mrs. Samsa cannot accept Gregor not being a human being. At the very beginning of the book, where Mrs. Samsa has not seen her son’s new appearance, she shouts to Gregor’s sister, “You’ll have to go for the doctor straight away. Gregor is ill. Did you hear the way Gregor spoke just now?” (11) Gregor’s mother immediately starts to panic when she hears her son is not well. This proves that she truly cares for
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The main issue with Gregor is that he does not even make an effort to message his family about his true identity. When Gregor’s sister brings him milk, Gregor probably makes Grete suspect whether this bug is Gregor or not. “However, his sister noticed the full dish immediately and looked at it with some surprise.” This event might have partially caused Grete to act negligently at the end which definitely was part of the reason for Gregor’s sudden death. In conclusion, Gregor is responsible for his own death. He died from anxiety which obviously took place in his own head. He did not even attempt to message his family his true identity, which of course affected the lack of understanding from the members of his family that then let him die. The decisions taken by the family did have an impact on Gregor’s mental health, but at the end Gregor was the one to be blamed for his own

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