The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare Essay

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Has symbolism been able to enhance themes in various classical plays through important figures? The theme of self-interest versus love is one of the many themes that can be carefully examined by the various symbols that are shown in the play, The Merchant of Venice. In William Shakespeare’s memorable comedy, the detailed analysis of this theme, self-interest versus love can be effectively explored through the significant symbols in the play: the three caskets and the pound of flesh and how it connects to several characters in the text specifically, seen through the contrasts between the values of Christians and Jewish characters. This can be proven through a detailed analysis of the theme during the lottery plot line involving various suitors, who will receive Portia’s hand in marriage when the correct casket is chosen, as well as how Shylock’s life revolves around monetary value when he wants a pound of flesh more than money.
Portia’s wise father has put her portrait in one of three caskets and when a suitor chooses the correct casket after carefully reading the inscriptions, they will marry Portia. Portia does not like the idea of the lottery to find someone to marry her because she already has someone in mind, Bassanio. This can be proven during Portia and Nerissa’s conversation about the caskets Therefore the lottery that he [devises] in these three chests of gold, silver, and lead, whereof who chooses his meaning chooses you, will no doubt never be chosen by any…

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