The Meeting At The 13th Street Clubhouse Essay

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The AA meeting I attended was on September 11, 2015 at the 13th street clubhouse in Bowling Green Ky. There was a good amount of people that attended the meeting. About 25 people were there and it was a good mixture of women and men from all walks of life. The room that the meeting was in was a big room with plenty of options on where to sit. It was not a fancy room but it serve its purpose for the meeting. They had tables that were in a circle where most of the attendies sat at but then they had seats that outline the room so that if you did not feel confrontable with sitting in the circle you could sit around them and still feel part of the group. At this meeting they had someone that was in charge of the group and he was also is someone that is recovering alcoholic. This person was a different kind of leader than I expected by he got all the beginning stuff out of the way and then he let other members read and take lead of all the other beginning things that needed to be taken care of. An example would be that the leader let someone read what AA was all about and another one read about the 12 step program and then there was someone who gave out the chips for sobriety out. So to me it was a group effort rather than just one person dominating the meeting. Some of the members spoke more than most of the ones that were there. To me it seem like the ones that were not participating did not want to be there and also did not care. Out of the 25 people there only about 8…

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