The Meditation Of The Zen Oxherding Pictures Essay

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After reading the chapter on Buddhism, there was many interesting aspect of philosophy that are shown in everyday life. One of these interesting aspects was through Siddhartha Gautama, “the Buddha,” in which we need to look inward on ourselves to find true meaning. This aspect is shown in the ten stages of the zen oxherding pictures, which are shown below. To fully understand what is being depicted in these pictures, a small background of the Buddha needs to be known. The Buddha, whose real name is Siddhartha Gautama was born into a rich family that gave him everything to make him happy. His parents gave him everything because they did not want Buddha to be exposed to the grief and suffering that was shown in the outside world. As Buddha became more interested in wanted to know what grief and suffering were, he would talk about his troubling problems to his servant Channa, who was not only his servant but also his bodyguard and guardian. Talking to Channa did not answer his questions, therefore he went on excursions in order to seek answers, especially what grief and suffering was. At his first sight of seeing the outside world, what he saw led him into further questioning, however the sight of a wondering monk allowed him to pursue his journey. This wandering monk was an ascetic, which was a monk that was turned away from all his pleasures and appetites in search for a peace of mind. After six years of displaying these ascetic characteristics, he was able to come come upon…

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