The Medieval Monarchy

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Medieval Monarchy During the medieval ages (500-1200 AD), the medieval monarch had an important role of maintaining society. The monarch back then had the highest ranking which is the job of a king. Kings, during the medieval ages, controlled almost everything and tried to improve relationships between countries similar to a job in America, being the President. King and Presidents best relate to each despite being in different time periods.During the medieval ages, numerous monarchs declared wars, formed alliances, and had thier power limited by the catholic church, just like a President. An American job, the President relates to the job of being a medieval monarch, the king, because both jobs had to negotiate peace and improve relationships …show more content…
Kings had their decision making process influenced by the catholic church similar to presidents and the congress. According to, it states, “ President Obama, in this quote, express his opinion Congress allowing this law to be passed. He is concern about the consequences of suing Saudi Arabia.” This shows Presidents have their power limited by the Congress. This system is called checks and balances. When President Obama tried to stop a bill from being passed the Congress felt as though it was necessary so they passed it within their power. All President Obama could do was express his disappointment and move on. The power doesn't just relies on the executive branch (the president). It balances out through the judicial and legislative branches. Kings also couldn’t control everything. According to Europe and the World in 1500 written by Hans- Georg Hofacker, it shows a symbolic picture of the Catholic church (popes, bishops) at the top and kings right below it. It captions the king's power perfectly, controlled by the catholic church but above the peasants.The King couldn’t go against the church because the church gave them their divine right; the church basically gives the king their job. So, going against their rules and not following the bible leads to excommunication, or being thrown out of the church. Similar, to the president breaking a law or going against the constitution, which leads to impeachment. For example, if President Nixon hadn’t resign amidst the watergate scandal, he would have been impeached and convicted in 1974 for planning a break in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. In addition, when King John of England was ruling, he had to sign the Magna Carta in 1215. The Magna Carta was signed to ensure he does not have all the power. The Magna Carta reduced the power of King John and many more kings to come. This document is similar to the United States Constitution,

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