The Medieval Era And The Victorian Era Essay examples

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In my study during this course, I have noticed a pretty clear divide between the Medieval Era and the Victorian Era. The Medieval texts were often complex and exaggerated narratives. On the other hand, the Victorian texts were rather simplistic in nature. Personally, works that depict realistic situations have more credibility. Therefore, Victorian era works of literature serve as a more accurate representation of childhood as opposed to Medieval literature. To support this argument, I will refer to direct situations within the texts of Sir Gowther, a Medieval text, and Wuthering Heights, a Victorian era novel. Being that they are two, very different works, exploring the maturation of two of the main characters will be essential. Gowther and Heathcliff, in a sense, serve as the “anti-heroes” of their respective works. Comparing the supernatural upbringing of Gowther to the relatively realistic upbringing of Heathcliff will help point out the differences between Medieval and Victorian literature. It is important to acknowledge that these works do not speak for the entirety of other works within their respective eras. However, the themes are often found within several the other texts that we have read this semester. Other works from the Medieval and Victorian eras, supported with a few secondary sources will contribute to my argument of Victorian texts serving as a better representative of childhood when contrasted against Medieval texts. One could not be confused between a…

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