The Media 's Portrayal Of New Orleans Essay

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On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States causing destruction to hundreds of thousands of homes. Multitudes of families were left homeless on the streets searching for a safe haven as chaos slowly started to rise. As the streets of New Orleans were flooding various news stations rushed over to the take note of the disaster stricken area. While the families of New Orleans suffered over their loss the media started to benefit off of the disaster caused from Hurricane Katrina. The media started to gather the attention of millions of viewers across the nation portraying all of the events happening in the city of New Orleans. The media’s portrayal of New Orleans started to influence the viewers’ ideas of the city as the media told their “tale” about the suffering citizens and the chaos at hand. While the media outlets benefitted from all the attention various aspects of the city were affected in either a positive and/or negative way depending on the way the media portrayed events. Because Hurricane Katrina affected many different aspects this led to the search for if the media’s portrayal of the storm overall benefitted the city of New Orleans or if it harmed the reconstruction of the city. Following the arrival of Hurricane Katrina several news outlets directed their attention to the citizens and city of New Orleans exposing everything they could about the aftermath of the storm. During this time there were some media outlets that painted…

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