The Media 's Image Perception Of Beauty Essay

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Introduction The mass media greatly influences the lives of many females as they grow up. It sets unrealistic expectations on how women should look, convincing them they need to be thin and attractive in order to achieve success. The emphasis mass media places on traditional feminine beauty has a direct correlation with women’s lack of professional ambition. The mass media leads to lack of professional ambition by defining the unrealistic standard of beauty, the absence of female role-models, and the development of low self-esteem. As well as, examining the representation of women in politics. This research will analyze the role mass media plays in the professional lives of females and how aspirations of traditional feminine beauty prevent women from achieving professional aspirations. Defining The Meaning of Beauty The media defines what beauty means. (maybe instead of means, put “is”?)Traditional feminine beauty refers to the concept that women should strive to be thin and sexy (Murnen & Don 2012). The media’s image perception of beauty is consistently presented to women through mass media communications, such as, television shows, magazines, radio, ads in different media, music videos, and social media (Wertheim & Paxton 2012). From an early age, mass media acts as main source of communication to younger generations. Girls look to the media to help define traditional feminine beauty. An image that promotes the ‘ideal’ body this often diverges from their (who do…

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